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Real results, real success. That is Unicity. Scientific formulations rigorously tested in the finest institutions, our products yield unequaled results in people’s lives. In the face of the world’s most serious health challenges, Unicity products are improving health all over the world – dramatically — one person at a time. Real science. Real results.

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Our Mission

Unicity cultivates communities of people who aren’t just living, but living well. Our products are an extension of that passion. We use research and innovation to empower people with information, products, and services that enable them to take responsibility for their health and quality of life. With over 400 products in over 50 countries, Unicity is making life better across the globe.

Unicity Activate

an approach to health that combines products, simple core principles, and supporting tools to help you embrace a metabolically healthy lifestyle.

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Unicity Balance/Bios Life

A unique and patented nutritional formula helps you stabilize blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol and lose weight.  Over $4 billion in sales!

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Unicity Cleanse

A time-tested formula that cleanses your system of unhealthy toxins and parasites.

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Unicity Matcha/Bios Life E

A rare superfood that speeds up your metabolism, increase energy and improve mental clarity and focus.

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The Unicity Transformation Program is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off for life. It includes 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching, a personalized meal plan, a personalized exercise plan and four of Unicity’s Core Products designed to help accelerate your results.

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